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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Rabbit In Your Deadlights

The final part in my Thom Yorke trilogy, and this time I'm using my beloved Rabbit In Your Headlights - one of my all-time favourite tracks.

And thanks to my mate Bynar for the inspiration to use multiple sources to pad it out and make a dark, unforgiving soundscape. Yamas!

Rabbit In Your Deadlights

Biome - Space
UNKLE feat. Thom Yorke - Rabbit In Your Headlights
Pinch - Widescreen (sample)
Sleeper and District - Dungeon Style (sample)
Jamie Woon - Wayfaring Stranger (Burial remix) (sample)
Josh Wink - Don't Laugh (sample)
Jacob's Ladder - movie dialogue [1990]

Consider this a warm up... word is, there's a CLT full-length mix in the pipeline...


Bynar said...

Now that's what I call the "Excellence of Execution": a stunning, flawlessly produced multi-source mashup (not to mention that you get extra points for including Burial). When it comes to dubstep-influenced mashups, Mr Colatron is The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Ever Will Be. Nice one, bruv!

Unknown said...

Which surely makes you the Heartbreak Kid, thus meaning we should go Iron Man style and create the most perfect 60 minutes of graceful musical grappling known to man...?

Unknown said...

Must go through your catalogue of work fella and stick you on Show #171 - keep up the work - great stuff as always :-)

Unknown said...

Haha... you haven't missed too much Scottie, but I hope you enjoy what you hear :D

Check out the Ramdom Thoughts podcast people - it's legendary!