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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Crumplwear - Colatron tshirts are go!

Hey boys and girls - long time no speak!

Apologies, I've had a bit of a creative slump since you last heard from me, in part due to the old .com domain being held hostage by the bastards at Daisy (release the Colatron One!), in part due to being stoopid busy with work and on my downtime indulging in my love of the local street art scene (check my Insta) and in part due to being just outright burnt out on the scene.

Hopefully this will change next year - I'll find my spark again, and I do have a Cola-special underway at the moment, though at 10 minutes long, bear with me - it's taking a bit of time and patience.

But in the meantime, exciting times are ahead with the introduction of Crumplclobber clothing! If you aren't yet familiar with the concept of a Crumplbanger (, its a throwback to the old days of bastardpop and bootleg when life was a little more fun and following the punk ethos - ANYTHING went. I love mashups, I really do (13-14 years of my life means I have to!), but sometimes, its fun to get a little silly.

So, Crumplclobber is an opportunity to celebrate and support some of us old-time mashup producers whilst you get to look darned cool with a range of new t-shirts :)

Starting off with my mates, the legendary Pilchard, king of the kooky Oki Mashups, the oldskool legend Eddie Pedalo and of course, the viral-tastic Pomdeter (Chris Vrenna wants one). And me.

Yes - you can now wear a Colatron tshirt featuring the world infamous CLT logo. Also featuring the flip flop attack silhouette of Andy! It's a thing of beauty, with the CLT being applied in hi-visibility reflective print and all garments are hand-printed on high quality Gildan. They're cheap too and Crumplclobber will ship worldwide so you can all join in with the melancholic fun!

Head on over to the homepage at

Or check my own page at

And give 'em some love and shares over on social media at: /

And here's the kicker - anyone who purchases a CLT shirt and posts a real ace selfie on Facebook or Twitter, tagging me in will get my love and adoration, and maybe an exlcusive Colatron track too! G'wan... dig deep and wear that logo with pride!


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