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Sunday, 20 May 2007

Erykah Versus the Volcano

Now this one I am pleased with - my real first go at clashing different genres that you just wouldn't think of putting together, and I think it's worked wonderfully (IMHO of course!).

Not too much to give you on the background of this one - it was just one of those where I love both songs and I clocked that the vocal patterns if chopped up enough can fit the guitar synchopation and change the outlook of the whole vocal. Plus a wee bit of echo on the chorus section (chopping out the backing vocals) gives it a bit of a sentimental feeling.

Two tracks in one afternoon, in completely different styles. I'm loving this game :D

Erykah versus the Volcano

Damien Rice vs. Erykah Badu
(Volcano vs. On and On)

MP3 Here:

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