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Sunday, 6 May 2007

The Foxy Drummer

Well, it's that time of the month again when I'm staying in over the weekend to save some pennies for the upcoming stag weekend of Arkie, and what better way to celebrate the Bank Holiday than to create a few new tracks for the work in progress Sycophant vol. 3.

First off the blocks is 'The Foxy Drummer'

Inspired by the recent purchase of the amazing new mix by DJ Food and DK - Solid Steel:Now Listen Again
(buy it here -,
this little funky track features drum legend Cozy Powell and Nashville theme tune provider Area Code 615 clashing with a helping hand from DJ O-Dub (fluke find whilst browing the web) and Mantronix. In fact, I was going to turn this into a 40 minute drum solo marathon by dropping in the Funky Drummer, King of the Beats and Moby Dick, but a man can only handle so much rhythm!

Sounds like a thousand drummers mugging Larry Adler...

The Foxy Drummer (Colatron Bangs the Drum)

Cozy Powell vs. Area Code 615 vs. DJ O-Dub
(Dance With the Devil vs. Stone Fox Chase)

MP3 Here:

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