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Saturday, 3 November 2007

My Cheated Heart Goes Bang

It's that time of week again when I get to upload the latest delvings into my mind up here on t'internet and this week I've been particularly busy, mash-up wise, desperately finishing off tracks left and right to get out "The Second Coming" album for a few mate's parties.

This should be the first of two planned posts this weekend, the second hopefully coming on line tomorrow all being well, and as long as I can put the odd finishing touch to it.

So first up is this little slice of ambient breakbeat with a tinge of indie goodness.

Originally, I planned to use the Yeah Yeah Yeahs vocal with an old-school hardcore track and I'd spent a good couple of weeks toying around with it, but earlier this week, I was perusing through some of the old tracks on my hard-drive and came across the Stone Roses remix album from a few years ago. It's a bit of a hit n' miss record with some amazing versions of the classic tracks from the greatest band to come out of Manchester (and a couple of not-so-amazing remixes) but there was one track that always stuck out in my mind from the album - the Elephant remix of "She Bangs the Drums". A complete departure from the original track, a great big slab of ambient synths, a hint of the original vocal, before heading in to a fizzing breakbeat, finishing with a choice guitar line, it's a wonderful example of what a remix should be.

Of course, anything instrumental on my PC, gets tested out against various acapellas, and on the second or third trial these two met, and clicked for me.

I also tried a hint of the Klaxons in there to make it an indie knees-up, but it got a little too busy so I stripped them back out.

The only problem I've had with this one is the art's a bit crap! Could not find a decent picture of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for love nor money. Still, hopefully doesn't detract from the track too much. Download and enjoy

My Cheated Heart Goes Bang

The Stone Roses vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
(She Bangs the Drums (Elephant remix) vs. Cheated Hearts)

Download page here:
Last resort ZShare link here:

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi Andy

I've been a bit behind on your last two mashups - just downloading this one now, and will post another comment later. I also need to check out your other one.

Bye for now.