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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Kayleigh's Superstitious

Well, I don't often do requests unless it's a really great idea (as Dr. Phil gave me in the pub last night - I'll try and get to work on it in the next couple of weeks), but two of friends have been on at me to come up with something the last couple of weeks.

First up was Uncle Shaun - not my Uncle of course, but a very good friend who enjoys all things musical. He's been obsessing with Stevie Wonder's "Songs in the Key of Life" for a while now, and although this track is in fact taken from "Talking Book" it is probably the most defining record in Stevie Wonder's vast back catalogue.

Secondly, the lovely Kayleigh White has been singing to me for ages now, trying to give me ideas. In fact, her singing gives me the heebie jeebies (only joking chick!), but she has been singing Timbaland's "Scream" constantly for a few weeks now. I became determined to make something that she would know and enjoy (and possibly dance to like the whirling dervish she is!).

I started off trying to do something with "Scream" but it is actually a lot harder than one would think. I had one idea mixing it with U2, but the tempo was all over the shop and I couldn't be bothered to mess around with getting it in key (although I may revisit it one day - the chorus worked at least!).

Instead, I thought back to when I made "The Way I Bomb Your Body" - I had so much fun making that track, and I was so happy with the results, I decided to revisit it, but this time with the instrumental as opposed to the vocal. Working through my collection of 'pellas I came across a couple of Stevie vocals and the great DIY 'pella of Superstition made and donated on GYBO by Aggro 1 (one of my fave mashers) - I could kill two birds with one stone, hopefully making Uncle and Kayleigh happy with one blow.

Slotting it in, it worked surprisingly well, until I got to the choral breakdown "When you believe in things...." which didn't seem to fit the beat. No probs I thought, I'll just keep repeating the verses until I get to a part of the 'mental when it should finally fit back in. And that part actually came (which was a nice surprise!). Then I decided to drop a little bit of Keri Hilson's wonderful vocal back in for some sweet backing vocals. Bear in mind, "The Way I Are" is probably my favourite pop track from last year, and I can't explain it but her vocal sets me on edge every time I hear it, so she had to go back in the mix, even if only at a low volume. A touch more of Timbaland's "uuhs" and "yeahs" add the final touch, and some great vocal syncopation towards the end.

There's been a million and one mashes of Superstition, but I'm proud to add this as my contribution - I hope you all like it, and Kayleighbear, this one's dedicated to you

Kayleigh's Superstitious

Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson vs. Stevie Wonder
The Way I Are vs. Superstition

MP3 Download page here:

Oh yeah, and I made, as promised, Kayleigh-a-go-go the cover star. Big Stevie loves having you on his arm hon!

Dedicated to the dancing queen

I'm off to make my Chris De Burgh acapella, I can feel another dedication coming on....lmao......

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