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Sunday, 6 July 2008

Talking Love

Yay! It's double release weekend! And I make no apologies for overloading you with tunes either.

I can't believe I didn't know about this earlier. Imagine my shock yesterday evening when browsing GYBO, I stumbled across a rather spiffing mash of Leona Lewis and Duffy, utilising an acapella of "Bleeding Love". Imagine my disgust with myself for not realising the STUDIO QUALITY acapella has been on release for a couple of weeks now and I hadn't picked it up! How many Leona mashes are already out there, I don't know, but I had to jump on the bandwagon and search down said acapella.

For you see, I make no secret of the fact that I am in love with Leona. Back on X-Factor a year or two ago now, Saturday nights would not begin for me until I had heard her sing. And I make no secret of the fact that everytime she sang, I cried like a baby. It's rare that a vocalist can have that effect on me (Jeff Buckley springing to mind as someone who could do it to me) but there was just something in her voice that sent the proverbial shiver down my spine, coupled with the fact she just seems so damned nice too!

So I managed to find it, and imagine my joy when I heard the quality of the MP3. In many ways, you don't need to mash it, since her voice is just spot on. I've rarely heard a pella so pure in its quality and beauty. As you can probably tell, I am REALLY excited by this pella (the last time I got like this was after grabbing a hold of Alicia Key's "No-One" - another high quality performance).

In fact, the original plan was to release an EP of Bleeding Love mashes, for I have approx. 5 other tracks I'm in the process of making with this vocal, but this one excites me so much, I couldn't wait, and just had to get it online. Needless to say, the others WILL show up on here shortly, and some of you may be surprised what I've mashed it with (think up-tempo and you're getting there).

But until they are ready, I hope this makes you all as happy as it makes me. If only as I've finally managed to use that pesky Coldplay instrumental I've had on my PC for 9 months!

Real chilled out indie rock with THE vocal of 2007. I'm in love...

Talking Love

Coldplay vs. Leona Lewis
Talk vs. Bleeding Love

MP3 Download Page Here

Don't worry, I am still working on a couple of other tunes not involving Leona, but if I can pull off the others I am doing, this could well become a Temple to Leona Mashes overnight! Hehe...


Unknown said...

Hi Andy

I have to be honest. At first listen, I really did'nt know what to make of this one. I thought the vocal was too over powering for the Coldplay instrumental, but after a few more listens, I'm totally wrong - fit's really nice! I suppose it might be because I've never heard Leona Lewis with Coldplay - spot on mate. It's so refreashing to hear a mash that I've not heard elsewhere.

On the play list of course!


Unknown said...

Hiya Scott - thanks for the feedback mate.

Yeah, she has one hell of a vocal, but I absolutely bleeding (see what I did there?) love it. I did consider toning the vocal down and keeping it quiet, but when you have a voice like that, you have to celebrate it!

And thats the beauty of mash - two completely disparate songs coming together to give something more.

Glad you like and thanks for putting me on the playlist

All the best,