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Monday, 25 August 2008

A call to arms....

Howdy all,

Well, as you may or may not all be aware, myself, The Reborn Identity and a collection of fellow mash producers (tentatively known as 'the Lynch Mob' ) are working on producing a compilation album of David Lynch based mashes. We already have a number of tracks made, and a couple more are on the way (I have a second track virtually completed myself as we speak), but we need more contributors.

The work in progress is known as "Mashed In Plastic"

Is there anyone out there who would like to come onboard the Good Ship Lynch? Do you have a track, or artwork, or even an idea you'd like us to hear? If so, please drop me a comment on this post with the details and myself or The Reborn Identity will get straight back to you (I'd post me email on here, but those ruddy spammers have been at it on my Facebook page...grrrrr......).

Be a part of Lynchian history - sign up today.
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