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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Twin Hearts (The Movie)...

....or Fire Mash With Me.

Well, the request went out, and one, highly talented mash/vid-mash producer answered the call. The Reborn Identity, a fellow Lynchian obsessive, kindly offered to put together the video I really wanted for the Twin Hearts mash, and oh my god, if he didn't nail it on the head. This is exactly how I envisioned it looking, almost as if he'd been given a curious painting by Mrs. Tremont and her nephew Pierre, in which he'd entered the Red Room via my dreams.... man, I gotta stop eating creamed corn.

Although RI had already ripped the scene and so I'm sure it would have made the cut anyway, my one and only contribution to this (music aside) was the suggestion of the "Lets Rock" intro, and with hindsight, I really wish I'd dropped that sample in. It makes the whole track.

There's so many surprises in here, and some great symbolism in true Lynch style - I won't give them away but you'll see what I mean. And the timing on everything is just insanely accurate. I truly recommend you all head over to Identity's excellent site, and check out his great video mashes and excellent bootlegs. It's over at

and whilst you're at it, be sure to head over to his Youtube Channel and leave him some top comments on this and his other works at

If you ask him nicely, I'm sure he'll give you the link to the VERY hi-def original MPEG2 vid which has to be seen to be believed for the quality of DVD-rip imagery going on in this video. Damn Youtube and their pesky compression!

Alternatively, you can comment the work here or at the posting on me own wee, tiny addition to BoobTube at

Or just be lazy and hit play below. New mashes on the way shortly....until then....Let's Rock!!!

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