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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Mashed in Two Minutes

Well, after a two week hiatus away from doing any tracks, I thought it were time to return to the stage. The success of the Twin Hearts mash completely blew me away, and to be honest - left me scratching my head as to how I could follow it up. I thought it best to walk away from the PC for a while to clear my thoughts and start a fresh (that, plus the fact I've been out virtually every night on the lash, watching mates' bands and getting to know amazing girls on the other side of the Atlantic ;D )

There's a couple of ideas floating around for the much touted David Lynch project and some wonderful contributions have already been made by the awesome Voicedude and The Reborn Identity, so that's turned up the pressure on getting my other ideas finished. Plus, I'm still getting the itch to make the follow up to the EVP mix....but in the meantime, what could I release quickly to get one on the board?

The answer was staring me in the face. (or at least in the title of the track I was going to use). Taking a huge detour away from the sultry jazz of Twin Hearts, I've returned to the classic sunrise anthems of the early 90s. I was having a revival night here in the lounge one day and looked up several websites that gave the top 100 hardcore/acid house/rave tracks of all time and I made it my duty to try and gather as many as possible. Amongst these was my 2nd favourite 3am tune of all time (I'm already working on a mash with the 1st!) - Bug Kann & the Plastic Jam's "Made in Two Minutes". Bleep-tastic!!

Continuing on from the success of Kylie's vocals in the last mash put out, it seemed obvious to continue on with the pint-sized pop-tart in this one. But the Slow sample itself isn't the longest and so some extra bits and bobs were needed to help flesh out the mash for the 6 minutes required. Well, if I'm going to use one old classic house anthem, why not use another. The legendary Balearic vocal house screamer "You Used to Hold Me" from pioneer Ralph Rosario. And for good measure, add a dash of electro-punk mate of the masher, Princess Superstar with a clip or two from 'Perfect'.

The irony is, it was mashed, in something like 2 minutes...

Mashed in Two Minutes

Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam - Made in Two Minutes (i)
Kylie Minogue - Slow (a)
Ralph Rosario - You Used To Hold Me (a)
Princess Superstar - Perfect (a)

MP3 Download page here:

Roll on the next genre for me to have a pop at....see you next time

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