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Monday, 23 April 2007

Approved By No-One...the Sycophantic Dreams of Colatron vol. 2 (the 1am Sessions)

Right, on to the biggie.
Here's volume 2 of my trilogy (or whatever this will run to before I change direction) of the Sycophant.

I was determined to try something a little different from the first, learning on my mistakes and trying to get a bit more mixing on the go. It didn't turn out that way, but it inspired more of my own works (see posts below), I explored a few more genres, and I managed to get my favourite TV theme tune of all time in there (from the legendary "Legend of Tim Tyler - the Boy Who Lost His Smile" - the worst dubbed 70's children's show ever).
There's a few nods to some of my heroes in there, DJ Shadow (obviously), Z*Trip (not so obvious, but I opened a set with Iron Man, and had a go at recreating his amazing live blend of Janice Joplin and DJ Shadow); there's some current top smash hits; some more classic trance mixed with some very X-rated lyrics, some classic indie/dance crossover, and Uri Gellar.

I think it shows progress from the last one, but I am biased. I'm also exhausted (4:30am Saturday night/Sunday morning, 1:30am this morning) so there won't be one of these for at least....oooh...another 2 or 3 weeks.

Approved by no-one...the Sycophantic Dreams of Colatron vol. 2 (the 1am Sessions) [1hr 26secs - 83Mb]

[00:00] Happy Land Intro
[00:03] Black Sabbath - Iron Man (Colatron edit, feat. the Voice of Colatron)
[01:15] Cut Chemist vs. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr - A Peek into Freedom (Colatron's History Lesson)
[02:47] DJ Shadow - Walkie Talkie (Intro)
[02:58] Colatron - Why Walk? I'll Take the Mercedes (Janis Joplin vs. DJ Shadow)
[05:31] The Gossip - Standing in the way of Control (Le Tigre remix) (Colatron bodge)
[11:15] Rogue Traders - Voodoo Child
[15:02] Colatron - The Age of Jack (Age of Love vs. Mr. Fingers)
[20:28] Jam and Spoon - Stella (Breaks Mix)
[23:05] Jam and Spoon - Stella (Original Mix)
[26:15] Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (3 in 1 mix) [Colatron's Climaxxx edit]
[34:10] Colatron - Enjoy the Ambience (dave gahan vs. louise annette smart) (Enjoy the Strings Mix)
[35:56] Super Furry Animals - Slow Life
[42:30] Colatron - Primal Patrol (Higher Than The Wish) (The Charlatans vs. Primal Scream)[47:55] Super Furry Animals - Slow Life (Strings)
[48:03] The Prodigy - Weather Experience
[55:57] Uri Gellar - I cannot answer you
[56:35] Christian Bruhn - Timm's Thema (from the Legend of Tim Tyler) (feat. The Voice of Colatron)
[59:29] See You Soon/Thats all folks
MP3 here

Special thanks to this week's cover star - the lovely Emma Hart. Cheers chick

The Sycophant vol.2 - still aiming to please....

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Im your 1st comment!lol! Well at least now you know I do pay attention to your blogs!!! ;)