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Saturday, 12 May 2007

Crazy In Love 4 E.V.A.

Well, I've only been doing this for a month and a bit, and I feel there is a definite progress being made in what I'm producing. After the success of my Christina boot (50 downloads to date! Didn't expect 1 let alone 50!), I thought I'd keep to the simple stuff for my next attempt, and sticking to the formula of all successful boots, I've gone with the next amazing Diva who is constantly the subject of many a great mash-up track

For a bit of background on this one, I started off with a great Ghanaian track - 'Psychadelic Woman' by Honney and the Bees Band. The guys in the office are constantly playing it on the stereo, from their Malmaison Sound Affects CD they picked up at the Xmas party. Anyway, it's a brilliant funky little tune with a catchy hook, and when listening to it one day, one track that could work with it came in to my mind - Jean Jaques Perrey's 'E.V.A.' - a classic track which when considered it's from the early 70s, could easily be mistaken for a big beat style record, as proven by Fat Boy Slim's remix in the 90's.

So I dug out a copy of it, ready to hack at way at EVA and Psychadelic Woman. However, I didn't even bother as I had some great 'pellas of Daft Punk and Nostalgia 77 which fitted the feel of the track even more.

I set to work producing something and it was all going great, the lyrics fitting the timing of the sound effects within the track perfectly....but I ended up with a minute or so to fill on the track. I couldn't think of anything to go in, or even to cut up what I had done and extend it to finish the track off. Gutted. Here was a great record that I was dying to use but I'd got "wirter's block" as it were.

Fortunately, I also had this amazing dub/reggae/steel band-esque version of EVA, which the more I listened to it, the more it made sense that it would be easier to do something with (reggae and dub being a great love of mine). I have no idea who's done the remix so unfortunately I cannot give credit to those who deserve it, but going through my other tracks, the synchopation of Beyonce's vocal on 'Crazy In Love' was spot on, and the track was made before I even booted up Acid Pro. Plus it's a cheeky nod to 2 Many DJ's and their historic boot, Dreadlock Woman and any other reggae record that's been mixed with Beyonce.

So although I've completely diverted from the original idea, I've finished up with something which I think is perfect for the middle of a set. And don't worry, I've retained the original work with Daft Punk and Nostalgia 77, and I've managed to somehow work it in to the next volume of the Sycophant (50% poops on the other 2 from a great height now I'm getting the hang of all this)...

See what you think.

Crazy In Love 4 E.V.A.

Jeans Jaques Perry vs. Beyonce (feat. Jay-Z)
(E.V.A. (unknown dub mix) vs. Crazy In Love)

MP3 Here:

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Unknown said...

Nice work mate - brings something different to this mashup & now on the playlist for my weekly mashup & remix podcast: