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Monday, 7 May 2007

Dirrty Bitch (You Are Beautiful)'s the obligatory Christina boot. It was only a question of time, until I had a go.

Still, I've tried to steer away from the obvious and keep it a bit punky sticking two of her vocals over the spiky Prodigy track, Molotov Bitch. I've always loved this tune from the moment I heard it back on their music video released aeons ago, to when I joyfully found it as a b-side on 'Firestarter'. See what you think.

Dirrty Bitch (You Are Beautiful)

Christina Aguilera vs. The Prodigy vs. Public Enemy
(Beautiful vs. Dirrty vs. Molotov Bitch vs. Caught (Can We Get A Witness))

MP3 Here:


Unknown said...

Wicked track mate - quality! Now on the playlist for my weekly mashup & remix podcast:


Unknown said...

Cheers Scott - two tracklistings on the playlist! I'm chuffed beyond all belief! Not bad for someone who doesn't know what he's doing :)

Looking forward to this weeks braodcast,

All the best, Andy